Alexandria’s Genesis – The real facts behind it

When an individual is born having Alexandria’s Genesis, at birth, their eyes will appear gray or blue in color. Subsequent to six months of their birth, their eyes will start changing from their original color to a purple color, and this process will continue for another six months. At the time of puberty, the color of the eyes of these people will be deepened to a deep purple, dark purple, violet-blue, or a royal purple and will stay in that manner. However, by no means, these color changes in the eyes will affect the eyesight of a person. People having Alexandria’s Genesis will never develop any hair on their body, face, public, anus, ears, nose, eyelashes, eyebrows, and on their head. Women who undergo this mutation will be fertile, but they will not menstruate.

These are the beliefs that go around the public. However, a major question is whether the Alexandria’s Genesis currently exists or not. To know the answer, read this article further.

A legend has swept across the web that a person of uncommon genetic change that confers extraordinary beauty and faultlessness upon a fortunate recipient. The mutation called Alexandria’s genesis is considered to have emerged in the ancient Egypt. Many people are in doubt that whether this is true, but, in fact, the short answer is “No”. Here is the legend that is available on the Internet. You can also see it in the length of the dog heat, which simulates the same effect.

The opening recorded case of Alexandria’s genesis was a female, named Alexandria Augustine during 1329 in London. On identifying her most distinctive purple eyes feature, her parents decided that she should be possessed and take Alexandria to a pastor, to get her free from the odd characteristic. Luckily, the pastor had heard about the mutation earlier, and convinced the parents that nothing was erroneous with their daughter. Consistent with myth, following a flash of light over Egypt, some thousand years ago, the individuals with purple eyes and extremely fair skin had emerged only to wane north and were lost until Alexandria Augustine showed up.

The long reply is that Alexandria’s genesis was generated by a novice writer around the turn of the 20th century to give good reason for the appearance of people with purple eyes in the literature. By no means, the writer intended it to be considered as a real fact, or even a real legend, but some naive starry-eyed people misunderstood it and started multiplying it online. Nowadays, there are individuals, persuaded that the Alexandria’s genesis exists in reality and that those who speak otherwise are narrow-minded and they are a shill for the plot. If you need a more biological-based description why Alexandria’s genesis is unfeasible, here is the breakdown for the nonexistence and the impossibility of the existence of Alexandria’s genesis.

Violet eyes

Violet eyes are technically probable by means of a severe deficiency of eye pigmentation. However, violet eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, a feature that would not be extremely pleasant to have in sunlit Egypt.

No body hair

It is believable, a kind of Androgen insensitivity disorder, which can cause deficiency in facial and body hair. However, this occurs in people, having both X and Y chromosomes. Those who have this Androgen insensitivity syndrome will be female bodies in nature, and they cannot give birth to a child due to the lack of uteri. This fact totally contradicts the idea that people having Alexandria’s genesis are fertile.

No menstruation, but fertile

It is not possible in nature because many organisms experience an estrous cycle where the inside layer of the uterus is reabsorbed instead of expelled. However, this would need lots of hereditary mutation to change, and a single change would not achieve it.

Having perfect eyesight and long lifespan is unfeasible because everybody will have an eyesight problem at some stage in their lives. Moreover, longevity is against the nature, except in a few cases, it may happen due to hereditary. Anyway, if you want to delay your eye sight to an older age, and deal with the Alexandria genesis phenomena, you should think about cumin.Cumin is a great remedy for a dozen of health issues like hemorrhoids, constipation or other digestive problems. It can also lower and help people with high blood pressure.

So, in view of the scientific explanations, mentioned above, you can conclude that Alexandria’s genesis does not exist and it cannot exist.

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