7 tips that will help you raise a healthy cat

1. Cats are not dogs

Cats are an animal independent of their nature and often need their loneliness and quiet. Do not take heart if your new cat does not come to greet you when you enter your home. Remember that it’s just who they are.
Your new kitten may take some time to get close to you but when that happens it will of course warm your heart.
So, until that happens – take it easy!

2. Buy interactive cat toys

your cat ha shunter instincts. If he doesn’t have time to fulfill his instincts he might get nervous or depressed. For this reason only buy your cat interactive toys: mouse can do the work, or an interactive snake that will wander around the house. That may cause him to fulfill his hunter emotions – and make him become calmer and peaceful.

3. You might want to save your cat from milk

Many cats are sensitive to sugar in milk – lactose – just like some humans. Drinking cow’s milk can cause a umm … a mess.
f you are looking to pamper your new friend, you should be spoiled with snacks or cat toys specially designed for this purpose.

4. Fix itching device

Do yourself a favor (if you like your couch) – buy a scratching device.
Shaving the cat’s nails on the new leather sofa you bought is not necessarily what you expected. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a itch facility. This facility will cause countless hours of fun for the kitten and you will keep the furniture or blankets .. or the socks or the sweater .. (you understand the point)

5. Be aware of their sandbox

Do not interfere with the cat doing his business, if you were disturbed you would not accept it with love! In addition to your important clean services, even your kitten comes. Make sure you clean and change the sand regularly.

6. Pest management is essential for the health of the cat

In order to protect the cat, it is very important to use insecticides on a monthly basis. Fleas carry diseases with them and sometimes one bite can cause a lot of damage.

7. If you have more pets at home – be extra careful!

If you have a dog at home or another cat consider that it may take them time to get along together. It is recommended to make a slow acquaintance between the years at a number of different key points in the home.

In addition, it is very important to ensure that everyone has his own private space where he will feel safe and protected.

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