What to do with a new puppy to the family


A new puppy arrived in the family, 3.5 years ago, physiologically impossible to teach him to hold back.

So, until then, they were taught where the puppy likes to meet his needs, at home, and there spread a wide sheet of newspapers,
Over time, they reduced the area of ​​newspapers,

Slowly, the papers began to point toward the door.

Besides, many take the puppy out for walks (at least 4-5 times a day), and if and when
Will make his needs encouraged by words and candy (sausage or sweets sold in pet stores).
That way the dog will learn that his services are outside and not at home and make needs outside, that is good and also delicious.

Buy a variety of toys for the dog, hide the toys and bring out only two.
When the dog is alone, give him both toys.
After a few days, replace them, give him two other toys and hide the two he played with, and then go back.
For the dog, these are two new toys. One is a bone that can simulate a real bone, and the other one is a simulated snake that moves in the house and triggers the dog.
So, the dog is not seven of the toys and you do not have to go into big expenses.

Dogs are an animal that loves a friend. Get to know your dogs with other dogs so they improve
Their social skills, and do not embrace fear of other dogs.

It is very important not to shout at the dog when he did something wrong, and to encourage him when he did a good thing.
The dog does not learn from our cries that what he did must not be done, but must not be done by the owner.
And so, when you are not around, he will do the forbidden thing. Encourage him for the good things he did, in such a way
The dog will want positive reinforcements and please you and always with the good things.

A place in the house
It is very important for a dog to have his own place at home, a place where he can sleep, rest, a place where he can gather
When he is anxious and you are not home to calm down.
When we want to relax today, from a bad conversation we had, from someone who upset us, we come home
For our warm, relaxing place, we can close windows and shutters and hear no one. On the other hand we can

Go for a nice walk outside, for a run, for a walk and so relax. We can talk to a friend or girlfriend, to a family memberAnd “shed” all our troubles.

When the dog is home alone, hearing something, feeling something and being anxiously attacked he is looking for any way to relieve the anxiety,
If he does not find his warm, calm place, he will turn to things that he can hold and nibble, all to relax.

If he had such a warm, cozy and calm place, where he could go and relax and find his toys, we could keep our belongings
At home and the dog will calm himself down
Each of us has his own room, our dog also has to have his own place and preferably in a “wrapping” and relaxing corner.


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